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Laurent Debenedetti (LD) founded Gordian Laser Consulting after working in industry and in healthcare in various managerial and executive positions.

LD works as an independent consultant specialized in the utilization of Information Technology (“IT”) as a problem solver and a source of simplification and innovation.  LD focuses on IT’s impact on organizations and in particular on improved performance and cost control in the Health Care sector.

Against the backdrop of the relentlessly growing demand for health care services, the quality of service delivery is continually threatened by the constrained availability of human resources, equipment and information  required for Health Care professionals (HCP) to do their job.

LD’s solutions centre on the two critical areas of information and resources in order to advise and assist individual hospitals, hospital groups and health care networks in achieving their service delivery and financial goals. LD’s breadth of  experience gained in both healthcare and private industry have resulted in his development of a  system of analysis focused on cost control, performance improvement, process reengineering  and,  IT systems conception, development and implementation.

LD believes that health care quality and performance  should be positioned on four main pillars:

  • Cost understanding and control
  • Operational and estimated patient flow control
  • Optimization of human and non-human resource utilization
  • Quality, availability and re-usability of information